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Sensual Spa and Healing Sanctuary

Experience comfort and leisure at our boutique spa and healing sanctuary, where our captivating therapists are attractive, friendly and loads of fun.

Situated in the heart of the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Our rooms are clean, luxurious and spacious.

We set the standard in sensual body-to-body massage which is an experience unto its own, we make use of a combination of traditional therapeutic massage techniques blended with sensual, intimate strokes to create the ultimate massage experience.
Think of it as a seduction of both the body and mind. Light touch merges into firm muscle work that subtly transcends into intimate erotic arousal.

Come and enjoy our hospitality with a welcoming drink of your choice, before discreetly being whisked away by one of our lovely therapists. Have some good clean fun and find out what makes us one of the most exclusive venues in South Africa.”

Package & Pricing

Our therapists are masters in the art of intimate, erotic and sensual massage for discerning clientele.
We offer Swedish, tantric and sports massages.
Our therapists are intent on being ladies and will captivate you with their effervescent presence.
An enticing arrangement can be made with any therapist of your choice.

Our Services

Sensual Healing

Sexuality is a sacred life force, and healing takes place when we can accept and express it without lies and shame.
In a community with strong ethical guidelines, exclusiveness, jealousy and fear are replaced with mutual support and trust.
Our therapists are trained in the arts of sensual healing, a key part of self-love is to create spaces where we can fully accept our sexual nature and freely express it in mutual respect.

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Our Team


Our Philosophy

Sensual Spa and Healing Sanctuary have a holistic approach on sensual massage, working with the person’s physiology, psychology and sexuality.
As well as giving sensual massage treatments we also strive to achieve a psychosensual treatment, a combined psychological and physiological therapy that helps the client with deeper sexual confidence and sexual foreplay skills
We regularly run individual classes and group workshops. We host public talks and host social events for the adult lifestyle.

Best Quality

“Customer service is much more than just meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. It’s about building long-lasting relationships.
Just like any relationship, it takes time, mutual respect and willingness to be open and honest to make it work.”