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Come experience the secrets of relaxation

Every day, our mind, body, and spirit provide us with awareness, strength, and passion. Together, they work to create our overall feeling of health and wellness. When we view the human existence as a whole, instead of unrelated parts, it is easy to see how stress affects more than just the physical body

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Intimacy and Healing Sanctuary


Hot Oil Massage

When our therapists touch your body, they touch all of you, your intellect, your spirit and your emotions. Sensual touch lowers the amount of cortisol our body produces, allowing for relief of stress, as well as strengthens our immune systems. It also triggers the release of oxytocin.

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Play Room

Our Play Room is a safe space to satisfy your fantasies, which lurk in the corners of your mind. We have a wide array of equipment to tantalize you in sensuous play.

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Online Content

Support our beautiful therapists’ online campaign by downloading their latest videos and photo-sets. Simply follow the link below to get to our gallery and click on your favourite therapist’s photo to brink up the Linktree, which will direct you to their social media content.

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The Sensual Spa approaches healing differently, offering a range of techniques to enhance and heal the intimate connection between the mind, body, and spirit.
Our treatments are based on the knowledge that sustained health can only be achieved when all parts of the system are addressed in love and care.
Our goal is to support the restoration of balance and optimum wellness through the natural healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

The Infinity of Sensuality & Indulgence

Come experience the secrets of relaxation.

Secrets Of Relaxation

Sensual Spa offers a variety of treatments and packages to cater to your senses. Experience serene bliss, relax your mind with soft, soothing music, allowing you to drift away while therapists gently knead the stress from your muscles with a variety of style of massages.

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Satisfying Our Clients

Thanks to our specialized treatments utilising top quality beauty products, applied by highly trained professionals, means Sensual Spa can always deliver the level of service and standards that our clients have come to expect and enjoy.
We provide a relaxed and comfortable setting where clients can enjoy true pampering. Contact Sensual Spa to make your booking today.

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Relaxation. No Longer Beyond Your Budget

Executive Stress Relief, for Discerning Clientele.